Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Mini Favorites

I was really excited the other day to venture into Marshall's - one of my favorite stores for beauty brands and snag me up some great products for my upcoming trip to Chicago! I always like to stop in to see if there are any new items to try. I am excited to share with you some of the items I found I will be bringing with me.

First up, is one of my ultimate favorite hairsprays by Nexxus- the Comb Thru mist. I keep these mini-versions for my purse for possible hair fixes in the windy city. I really love how this product does not give my hair that crunchy texture after it's sprayed. You do not really need much of the product for a good, firm hold, however this formula still allows you to brush your hair throughout the day without losing your style. I have had such trouble finding organic options to Nexxus since most leave that hardened glue-like spray on my tresses. I have been using this product for years, and it doesn't show signs of stopping.

LivingProof is a rather new product line for me- loved by Jennifer Aniston (the hair goddess herself is a spokesperson and avid user), this line takes the love of alchemy and hair to the next level. I really like this product line, and especially the Frizz Styling spray- geared at protection strands from hair damage. This line is high quality and reminds me of the more pricier salon alternatives without having to go into the salon (I typically grab it at Target). However, this small spritzer is perfect for traveling and meets TSA requirements. As much as I have loved my Tressemme heat protectant spray, after trying this product, I was forever converted.

Ya'll I found a new scent - Aloe Water and Apricot by Caldrea. This mini roller ball is perfect for a night out - just slip the little vial in your clutch and you are good to go. It is small, compact and has one of the best scents I have found. And i really love The Body Shop scents. Caldrea is a great brand and PURE GAL approved for their organic ingredients and cruelty-free policies. This lightweight scent has notes of Rosemary, Bergamot, and Citrus notes for a clean, simple scent that is good for any occasion.

Last but certainly not least are these Max & Chloe earrings (similar here). I am loving the geometric shape and this summer Turquoise was HUGE. These have great wear-ability for most outfits and I love a more natural stone. The color pops beautifully on the gold and they are very lightweight on the ear. These I will be wearing a lot in the upcoming weeks and months.

If you have some favorite products to share, please do! I love finding new products to try. I always love finding new favorite so share any you may have just discovered as well!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ipsy: August Glam Bag Review

Happy Monday Everyone! I am so excited to share with you my first Ipsy Bag. If you follow me on Instagram, I posted it this morning here. After a bit of trouble in the mail, I finally had it delivered. So, let's dig in!

Ipsy each month comes with a cute little cosmetics zip pouch and this one is actually rather adorable. I am loving the herringbone print and the pop of pink on the zipper detail. This one is perfect for traveling since it is waterproof- if anything spills, it will not permanently stain the bag. A bonus in my book! Since this month's theme is "prep school" this pattern is perfect for those gals going back to class. I would totally put some on-the-go beauty products in this cute mini bag for class to freshen up afterward (think glosses, mascara and maybe a cheek stain).

This month, I am actually quite impressed with the products in my bag.

  1. First up is a Noyah lip stick in Desert Rose. $18. I love the soft and creamy texture of this lighter pink shade. Its a flirty everyday shade that you could wear in a more professional setting. I love that it is not tested on animals and this company does not use synthetic chemical fillers. I love the vanilla smell and since it has a ton of Vitamins and Natural Oils, it keeps the lips soft and smooth. If you love Tarte, this is a similar product you may enjoy as well.
  2. Next up is the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in Elegantly Wasted. $15. I absolutely love Trust Fund Beauty. They have such amazing names like First Degree Diva and Put A Ring On It. These guys have such a great formula for their polishes. I have been gifted these polishes before and I love their smooth and long lasting formula. They have a plant-based formula so it is non-toxic, and they smell like MINT - so a great smell when you have the bottle open while paining your nails. This color is super cute but not a typical color I would normally choose. I prefer it on my nails over my toes personally.
  3. Lip/Eye pencil from Skone Cosmetics in Wine. $12. This product is a double duty item- which personally I love as you have to keep less products around. Wine is such a beautiful color and I love how smooth it moves across the skin. If you love playing with different colors, this is a perfect product. I do love that most of their products are quite reasonable so you really will find a decently affordable option. Most of their products do contain palm and kernel oil - which are rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for your skin. So, consider this a beauty bonus!
  4. Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Blow Dry Spray. $18. I am all for healthy and natural hair products- simply because most hair types get a buildup of product and chemicals which start showing the age of one's hair. Briogeo came out with this vegan-friendly option which has no silicone, dyes or parabens to harm the health of your hair. The ginger smell is quite nice and I actually used this product this morning and I love the collagen boost to pump my tired roots up. This was one of my favorite products out of the bunch simply because after one use you can tell the difference it makes. I love this 1 oz. sample to travel with, but the price tag is well worth the investment compared to other similar salon products.
  5. Last product is the Juara Skincare Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask. $35. I love adding Turmeric to dishes when I cook, but I have yet to use it for skincare. I am really opening to trying new avenues of skincare and masks are my go-to for some anti-aging fixes. I do like that this one in particular does not harden - so you don't get that tight feeling you typically do with some clay masks. This product is another vegetarian option, cruelty-free and does not have any of those harsh chemicals that will actually undo any of the benefits you are looking for. It does have a slight tingle but it should not be on longer than about 10 minutes or so. Wash off as normal masks. This should not be used daily, per packaging, so you can do what I do and set aside a time each week to do a mask (I try to pick a YouTube vid to watch while they work their magic). While I like this product, It is a tad expensive for me personally, Juara Skincare does offer some less expensive products on their website.
Overall, these are a lot of really great products and they are Pure Gal approved! All these products omit harsh chemicals, dyes and parabens which tend to do the most damage below the surface of our skin and hair. While some of these products tend to be a bit pricier than some other drugstore beauty buys, some are very reasonable for the benefits they offer. I always suggest try before you buy if you can! I hope you guys will consider looking into some of these products for your own daily usage and I am excited for next month's glam bag!

**Note: While I do receive an Ipsy Glam Bag, I am receiving no compensation for this post or the Ipsy Bag. And, the reviews and opinions are 100% my own.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Pull up a chair. Get comfy. Stay for awhile.

This is the start of a brand new friendship. I am going to bring you along with my during my journey into this organic and gluten-free active lifestyle of mine. I want to share with you things I love as well as ones I don't. I want to introduce you to new favorites and say goodbye to bad habits. I want to let you into my little piece of the world.

Adventure is on the horizon.