Thursday, March 31, 2016

Comfortable Casual

I spend a great deal working from home. Most of the time when I shop, I invest in clothing I will be wearing around the house. I tend to keep my outfits "comfortable casual" - an outfit that would translate to running errands, lounging around the house or hitting the gym. All those things are a focus when I am shopping.

Now, I love to shop but I am particular about being comfortable and I tend to go for a lot of basics, like tees and jeans that tend to go with everything. I stopped in Old Navy and got really luck with their HUGE sale and I had to share some of the cute items I snagged up!
Tee, Sweatshirt (similar), Pants, Mug (similar)
This sweatshirt is so super comfortable. It is perfect for chilly mornings in the office- its lightweight enough to not be bulky so it is easy to work in and it was $7! Grey and black goes with everything. Currently online they have it only in plus-size, however if you go in-store you may get lucky to find it on clearance racks! Since I bought it, I have literally worn it every morning in the office and it has been the perfect item to wear until around noon-ish when the weather is a bit warmer outside. I think this will be perfect for chillier mornings in the fall or for camping or my upcoming girls weekend away!
Leggings, White Shirt (similar), Cardigan
I absolutely love this outfit. It is the ideal outfit for lounging on a rainy afternoon. I love cuddling up with a blanket in my chair and getting lost in a good book. It is the ideal Sunday afternoon on a rainy spring day. This cardigan is so soft and comfortable. It is a jersey knit fabric so it is super lightweight and airy. I love the looser front fabric to wrap around myself - something I normally would not have chosen for myself. The cardigan is on clearance now for $6 and is a great investment for your casual days and "me time". Believe me, we all need a moment to ourselves and this cardigan is perfect for that.

What are you wearing to curl up with a good book lately?

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