Thursday, November 2, 2017

Our Engagement in Savannah!

As you know from my previous post, back in May we went to Savannah. What I did not mention was that during our trip, we got engaged! Oh, do not worry (our friends didn't know until we were driving back home)!

A few months prior to our trip to Savannah, Matt decided to reach out to his photographer buddy to see about having him come down to shoot our surprise engagement. While he was unable to do so, he recommended a site where Matt could find someone in the area. After weeks of searching, Matt sent his picks to his buddy to review and he helped him narrow his photographer choices down to two. While one was unable to due to a vacation, the other one was available: Katie from Katherine Ives Photography. During the weeks leading up to our trip, Matt had reached out to Katie by e-mail planning out the big surprise.
Matt mentioned to me before leaving that we had reservations for a fancy lunch. I told him that it would be tight to work in our itinerary but he insisted it would not take longer than an hour and all we would have to do is just get up a bit earlier to visit Wormsloe Plantation beforehand. I agreed and he mentioned it would be a good idea to wear a nice dress for the lunch. So, I agreed and packed. It was Day 2 of our trip and that morning I had woken up early to make sure I did my hair and makeup. Typically on vacations, especially places that get humid like Savannah, I opt to not mess with my hair but as he mentioned a fancier lunch than just short and a tee, I began curling my hair, placing a bit more makeup than usual, departing our Airbnb without breakfast, and off we went.
That day it was truly humid. My original intention of wearing a jean jacket with my dress had faltered with the summer-like temperatures not to mention I knew my curls were dropping faster than it took for me to create them. We arrived at the gate and Matt went in to pay the admission fee ($10/adult). I was so excited as we drove down the mile-long driveway I was videoing the entire way. It was magical to see the moss hanging down the oversized oak trees. We had gotten to the halfway point and Matt thought we should get out and walk around. I agreed and took a selfie. I hadn't paid attention to Matt at all during this (to see he was getting something in the back seat- the ring box as it was). And while I was looking at the photo I took, I saw him get down on one knee and ask me.
Katherine Ives Photography
He surprised me when he did it and I was more or less in shock. Not only that, but he had my great-grandmother's diamond ring! I was like "Are you Sure?". Of course he said Yes I am. And, I said YES!
Katherine Ives Photography
That is the moment he introduced me to Katie. It was so wonderful to have her there to capture our day. I was crying and so was Matt. I said to her we have been dating over 3 years. I laughed and told her I did not let him propose to me in Paris (because it was too cliche), but over the happy tears told her this was so much better. It was more than I could have ever hoped for. And, now I get to marry such a wonderful man.  
Katherine Ives Photography
We ended up spilling the beans to our immediate family only. They had no idea! Matt said he never told them because he knows they are horrible at keeping secrets. I am glad he was able to keep this one. It was truly unexpected. We waited to share the news with everyone else so we could just enjoy our time together and I am so happy we did. We had our moment and it turned our vacation into a celebration. And, I would not have had it any other way. If you are looking for a great photographer, we simply cannot recommend Katie enough. She was fantastic!

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