Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Savannah, GA: Day 4

On our last in Savannah, we only had a half day in the city, so we quickly packed our bags, left our Airbnb and headed into the city. We decided to first drive around the city looking at the homes and seeing all 22 squares of Savannah. There are so many amazing homes in the historical area, you can easily do a self-guided driving tour in no time.
One of my personal favorite squares, and one least visited in my opinion, was Crawford Square. It is most like present day Savannah. It has that small park feel, with a gazebo (the only square to to have one), mini green spot for dog walkers and even a basketball court (which was won in 1946 after a tournament to see which square would win it). After Jim Crow Laws, Crawford Square was the only square in Savannah where African-Americans were allowed to enter. And if you read "THE BOOK" (as locals refer to to book/movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil), then this square was also seen at the end of the movie.
After touring a bit of Savannah by car, it was time for breakfast and no better place to stop than The Coffee Fox. I really loved this little coffee shop a lot. I had an amazing latte and muffin, all from local purveyors, like Foxy Loxy Cafe. Everything in here is fresh and the people watching is stellar. While we did not spend too much time at the part of Savannah, it was more of a party scene than what we were looking for, it does boast a lot of great music spots. 
I was not about to leave Savannah without one last pit stop: Chocolat by Adam Turoni (again). This time I opted for the Book of Chocolates to go to enjoy across the street at Chippewa Square a la Forrest Gump. While the bench is in the Savannah Museum (Admission $7/adult), I still enjoyed my chocolates as he did, with views of the Savannah Theater. This particular square always seems to be a bit cooler than the rest, but the breeze is always enjoyable when you can sit and enjoy the beautiful day. While our trip was a short, it was such a wonderful experience and we will always enjoy Savannah. We hope you will take time to visit this amazing city as we did. If you venture to any of the places we mentioned, let us know what you thought about it. And, just so you know, while we did not get everything done in the 3 days we had, we will be returning to Savannah again to pick up where we left off.
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