Monday, October 30, 2017

Savannah, GA: Day 3

Day Two was jam packed with events, but we knew we could get so much done in the time frame we had. Day three, however, was a rainy one. That did not deter us from still keeping to our plans of checking items off our list.
First stop was an Uber ride to brunch at B. Matthews Eatery. At the second floor bar, we both started off with a large cup of coffee. It was pouring out. It was our hope that by the end of our meal, the rain would slow down.  I ordered the quiche with fruit and was truly impressed with how filling this meal really was. My SO ordered their biscuits and gravy with sausage and ended up taking leftovers with us. The food was really impressive and we were sat immediately. We enjoyed our breakfast, refilled our coffee, and grabbed everything in to-go containers because our second, and last tour was to start at 11A.
While it rained most of our tour, this tour was really impressive. It was a bit of ghost tour debunking while giving us the history of Savannah. Most notably, our tour took us through Colonial Park Cemetery, one of the first cemeteries in Savannah as it was a burial place for Savannah folk who contracted Yellow Fever. It also laid to rest those who lost in the "duel battles". These duels were before courts and in the square if you had a disagreement, you would duel to the death. Those that lost ended up at the cemetery as well. While the cemetery was much larger, and poured into the streets, as the need for roads in Savannah grew, they paved over the bodies and placed a fence around the cemetery grounds. Thankfully, by the end of the tour, the rain had ceased. With an eerie calm over the city we returned to the Cemetery to peek at some of the other grave sites. While no one from the civil war was buried here, it was amazing to see so many old tombstones in one site.
We walked over to the Davenport House for a tour. Admission is $9/adult. Built in 1820, this home at one point was THE epitome of federal-style until the death of Isaiah Davenport. After his death, his wife converted the dwelling into a boarding house to be able to continue to afford to keep it. After it being sold and in disrepair, the historical society purchased the home and renovated it to its current standings that reflect what it was like during Mr. Davenport's time there. It was a beautiful home and the tour was really educational about the life of someone living in Savannah during this time frame.
We had made our way back on foot to the river walk to stroll but decided it might be time to stop and settle in a bit for a snack, since the weather was about to turn. I knew we had to visit Huey's on the River. I love New Orleans styled cuisine but what I love even more is beignets, thanks to Huey's. With a cup of chicory coffee, a la Cafe du Monde, it was the perfect treat to enjoy while the rain poured down. If there is one place I can recommend to beat out the rain, this would be it. I enjoyed every bite. We ordered a dozen but ended up taking just over half of them back to have for breakfast. If you see this place, stop in for a beignet! You will not be disappointed. We grabbed an Uber and headed back to our Airbnb to change, since we were completely soaked.
After the rain storm had finally passed, and we were changed, we went to The Paris Market & Brocante. I had read a lot about this place before coming to Savannah so I knew I had to go in. A true francophile who adored Paris, I wanted to compare it to visiting Paris. I ran in and ordered the lavender sweet tea (something that was recommended to me), but i did not realize how SWEET they like their tea so I went back and had them mix it with unsweet. It was so refreshing. If it is hot outside, this is a great place to go and get a drink to cool off. However, if you stay too long, you might not ever leave. This store is a mini mall. If you have someone on your gift list, chances are you might want to stop in here; they have something for everyone. This would be a perfect place to grab a souvenir from Savannah.
After enjoying a bit of retail therapy, it was time for happy hour. While I did have my heart set on eating at the famous Olde Pink House, we could not get reservations, nor did we really want to drop that much for dinner. So, instead we opted for cocktails at their bar/lounge around the side. While it's a smaller and less fancier vibe (no dress code), it was the perfect retreat for us to enjoy grade-A cocktails, like my "Olde Pink House Pink Lady Lemonade". It was truly a stellar stop.
After eating, we walked over to the Waving Girl statue along the riverwalk to get a glance at this famous monument. She was known as Florence Martus, and every day she would wave to ships as they entered port by waving her handkerchief, or at night by way of lantern. Because of doing this so much, she became world known for this kind act. After her death in 1943, the city built its first statue dedicated to a woman in honor of her kind gesture. After finally getting to see all the historical markers and statues along the riverwalk, we walked up quite the appetite.
And, it was a no brainer to stop into this famous little spot: Six Pence Pub. If you have ever seen the movie Something to Talk About, then you know this pub (Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid in the film were seen arguing outside after she saw him in there with another woman). While I am happy to say there were zero lovers quarrels that we witnessed, the food was quite delicious. The pot roast with their house pinot noir is a typical special and quite delicious. Also, their open face roast beef pairs well with guinness if you were wondering.
After dinner, we strolled back through Forsyth Park, as this would be our last night in Savannah. While the famous fountain typically gets all the attention, there are other unique items that make this park special. There is also a very large Confederate monument, as this was a city controlled by the confederacy. But a unique piece that was added to the park is a large Xylophone. It was fun to play but neither one of us know how to play one. Either way, it is a unique addition to the park.

After another full day, we got in bed to enjoy our last night in Savannah. We knew Day 4 would be a short one, so we wanted to make sure we could finish our stops before heading out back home.

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