Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Long September Weekend

Happy Wednesday y'all! What an exciting weekend it was. I took some much needed time off and I am so thankful I did. We ended up going to our friend's cabin for part of the weekend and had such a great time. We spent most of Saturday kayaking up and down the Rappahannock River. It was such a wonderful experience. We were able to see a couple of osprey and eagle nests on the water. And, we were able to travel up the road to a great winery for local oysters and a glass of vino for lunch. Delicious! Between the great weather, amazing birds and our great kayaking trip, it ended up being a rather enjoyable weekend. We read our books and truly relaxed without TV or hardly any phone service. #Unplugged 
I was not ready to come back home but I am pretty glad we did. As soon as we returned home, the fall weather started creeping in. I mean guys we have had ZERO humidity and it has been truly wonderful. It is the beginning of fall here. I rather enjoy Autumn, when it is still quite warm but you have some cool scarf-wearing days. Since it is about that time of year, I knew I needed a pair of booties for the fall that are waterproof. So, I ran up to my local outfitters (one of my absolute favorite stores near my house- these guys are seriously in the know about all their stuff) and grabbed a new pair of these Leila Toms. I really love the entire line of Toms shoes- and for each item you purchase, you really are buying 1 pair for you and 1 pair for someone else in need. And, in the true spirit of fall, I grabbed this candle from my favorite store, Target. I really love the smell of sweet desserts in the fall and this was perfect.
Fall is such a perfect time of year for some new products. I always try to keep a good mask on hand and I have been meaning to try the Origins charcoal mask for some time now. I have seen such great reviews for those who suffer from breakouts and I do occasionally in the fall and winter time with the weather changes. I actually loved this product a lot. Origins is a great natural and organic product line and it feels really great on the skin. It is free of parabins and other harmful fillers most products have which can cause more damage in the long run. The other favorite of mine is Desert Essence. Their lines are really wonderful and they are also an organic, gluten-free and 100% vegetarian skincare line as well. This moisturizer has spf 15, which I require of all my moisturizers and makeup and it is absolutely divine without that "sunscreen" smell. My skin feels silky and smooth and I  always grab the smaller tube to carry in my purse and the larger ones to store bedside.

Happy First Day of Fall!!

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