Monday, September 28, 2015

Hiking Boots and QForm

You guys I have been on the hunt for a new pair of hiking boots for sometime now. On our Labor Day trip, I realized my feet have been beaten up and I have felt a great deal of discomfort in almost any shoe I wear. Going to the gym was a struggle and walking around town has become increasingly difficult. I knew my feet took a real beating and I have been on the hunt for a pair of hiking boots for our upcoming AT hike and I know when we go camping in the fall and winter, I am going to need boots that can keep up with all we do. And, I think I finally found a pair.
I already mentioned one of my favorite local outfitters are like right up the street from me. I tend to get a great deal of gear from them. #ShopLocal So, it was no surprise that I would eventually find the perfect pair of hiking boots here as well. I had done some research online and found I needed a good supporting boot for all the issues I was facing. And, when I went in I explained I needed a boot that would help my problems. I was told to consider a pair of Merrell's. I have had a pair of Merrell's previously when I was younger and they were great but I had beaten them up so it has been years since I tried on a new pair. Boy, technology for hiking boots has greatly improved since my last pair.

Merrell has come out with QForm Comfort and these boots are designed specifically for women and how they walk. It helps improve the 5 ways we take a step and gives the absolute best support for each of the 5 areas to ensure maximum comfort and support we need. I grabbed a pair of the Merrell's Women's Moab Mid GORE-TEX and after trying them on, I knew I had to get these. I could feel the support with each step and I felt less impact on my heel and ball of my foot. They were snug without being too tight and after taking them to walk around on the rocks at the river was the ideal test to see how they would handle the mountains and trails. While this post is not sponsored, I would not mind shouting their praises after my test proved to be a success for not only the boot but my feet as well.

Have you guys found any boots you really love? Share them with me, as I always look for great products to try out!

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