Friday, June 24, 2016

FitBit: Fitness Tracker Collaboration Perks

I will preface this with saying, some of these perks are not just limited to FitBit. However, I am basing this on the fact that since I own a FitBit, I will review based on my usage with my FitBit.

Fitness trackers are huge and a lot companies are now collaborating with these companies to allow you "perks" to using their app with the tracker. In doing so, you can get a lot of discounts and I have come across a few really great ones I wanted to share to help you reach your fitness goals.

Dicks Sporting Goods:
Dick's Sporting Goods has started this really great incentive program for fitness tracker users. When you connect your Rewards account through their App, you can connect your tracker with their MOVE category and gain ScoreCard points towards a reward for discounted items in their store. For every 10,000 steps you gain, you are given points. After earning 300 points, you can get a reward on your ScoreCard towards your next purchase at Dick's Sporting Goods. So, start tracking and keeping up with this. New goals means new gear!

If you are an avid shopper at Walgreen's, this one is for you. If you connect your free Balance Rewards account on their App, you gain points towards discounts for items in-store. When you connect your fitness tracker, you gain points for achieving goals, daily exercise, and maintaining healthy numbers for fitness measures like weight, Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose levels. This is their Healthy initative, you can read more about here. Keep in mind, this is a daily update you need to connect your tracker with. Sadly, there are certain fitness trackers their app does not support. 

Crunch Fitness:

Crunch Fitness had partnered directly with FitBit to create a new class in their gyms called Acceleration. The class encourages attendants to watch their fitness stats during the class and week by week so they may reach their health goals. It also allows the gym, during personal training sessions, to adjust for each individual to allow maximum opportunity to meet goals. They do note you are not required to have a FitBit to participate in classes, however, it does help members reach goals a lot easier.

FitStar is a great app and one of my favorites on this list. It is a customizable exercise program you can create and by using their video workouts, create your own virtual personal trainer through this one app. If you are looking at doing new workouts to focus on certain muscles, this app is a video library you can do at the comfort of your own home. Each workout prior to starting, lets you know how long it will take. So, if you only have 10 or 20 minutes at a time, you can create your own "playlist" that will equal that time to get your workout in. I love it for their videos on Yoga, a great way to warm up and end a big workout day. This app connects with your FitBit to allow you to auto-transfer your workout to your FitBit tracking. 

Thermos Smart Lid:
If you are like me and struggle with getting your daily intake of water, the Thermos Smart Lid bottle is for you. Once you purchase the bottle, you can download their app and track your daily water intake. This app allows you to set water intake goals and reminders to reach those goals. When you connect their app with your FitBit app, once the app is updated and FitBit updates, your water stats will appear with your FitBit fitness goals/stats. 

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