Monday, June 27, 2016

Podcasts: What Am I Listening to Now?

Podcasts are a really great way to learn and discover new tastes. I have a lot to do throughout the day but I find Podcasts are a great way to learn something new as I do what I need to do.

Here are some of my Favorites:
  • Ladies Who Lunch - Ingrid Nilsen & Cat Valdes, two famous YouTubers, come together to talk about deep topics like relationships and self-worth. With a twist in humor over lunch, these ladies laugh and tackle topics most women would talk about with their BFF. You can even write in and ask questions to them directly.
  • The Paleo Women Podcast - Noelle Tarr & Stefanie Ruper are a fantastic duo who tackle the paleo diet. They cover topics from vitamin defiencey, Autoimmune disease, Body Image and Exercising tips. They cover a wide range of health topics. They have been in the podcasting game for awhile now so they have already covered a wide range of topics.
  • Yogalicious - This podcast surrounds a lot of interviews with fellow Yogis as well as a few variety of classes of yoga you can listen to. They do not have many podcasts as of yet, but they are very informative.
  • YoungHouseLove Has a Podcast - John & Sherri Petersik (the famous RVA duo behind the infamous Blog YoungHouseLove and two books) are the best down-to-earth approach to interior decorating and home decor tips. With their two kids and their dog Burger, they created an empire surrounded by DIY home renovation. I have been following them since their early blogging years so it is no surprise to find them on my Podcast list.
  • Women of the Hour - Lena Dunham's collaboration with BuzzFeed will boost your girlboss and girl power after each podcast. Each podcast shows a dynamic woman and how they have innovatively changed industry. One of my favorites was on Marissa Webb. Give it a listen for a daily dose of motivation!
  • Freakanomics Radio - Yes, just like the book, but it is not boring, trust me on this one! It does have to do with economics and statistics but it is very thought-provoking on topics our world deals with today. I learn something new each time I listen.
  • She Makes Magic - Twice a month this sister duo, Koren and Alana Helbig, give us a boost of self-confidence. These ladies help you stay grounded and motivated. They interview/speak with a lot of inspirational women who were told their ideas were bogus but they made it work!
  • Anna Faris is Unqualified - Anna Faris is new to the podcast game but I am already hooked! She is hilarious and you are guaranteed to laugh. This is a weekly podcast where she just interviews producers, callers and just random questions she has. It is NSFW, and a bit random, but that is what makes it so good!
  • Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - I loved history class in high school, but I learned so much more from this podcast than I ever did in class. While these episodes are spaced sometimes two months between one another, there is so much to learn in one of these podcasts. But, listen to it as soon as you can, since it will move from free into the vault and reserved for donors. 

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