Monday, April 11, 2016

Product Review: Vitamin Packs

Hey Ya'll! So for the past month I have been using the Finest Nutrition Women's Daily Pack multi-vitamin packs and I wanted to give my review on them for anyone interested in starting a vitamin regime and are considering using multi-packs. First, I am not a doctor or certified in any way to give medical opinions. All of the opinions are my own and based on my experience. Before starting a vitamin regime, you should go see your doctor and discuss your medical history to see if it is right for you.
Now, I was really excited to try these since they are gluten-free and did not have any sugars noted in the ingredient list that would cause me any allergic reactions. I had spoken with my doctor about increasing my iron intake and I felt that a mulit-vitamin would be useful. My doctor suggested that if I was not getting enough vitamins through food, to try it out and see how I felt. Instead of option for just an iron supplement, I opted for a multi-vitamin pack instead.

This pack includes 5 vitamins/mineral tablets in a 30 day supply:

  • Multi-vitamin
  • 1,000mg fish oil
  • 1,800 IU Vitamin D3
  • 1,100 mg Calcium
  • 400 mg Cranberry

I was excited about the benefits in a pack. As opposed to buying 5 bottles of each (roughly about $6-10/bottle), I spent $15 for the packs ($0.47/each pack). So, it was a good deal already.  Additionally, I took mine every morning with breakfast and a large glass of water. (Note: I had to eat a banana after just to make sure it settled in my stomach- otherwise it made me ill). I really like this pack and the supplements are small and easy to swallow, compared to other brands of multi-vitamins.

After the first day or so, I really didn't feel a difference or after the first week. However, after the 30 full days, I can tell you my overall mood has improved in general and my skin looks a lot healthier. I have not had issues with my low iron and I can tell that my immune system seems to be a lot stronger than before (I have not had too many issues with this anyway), but I have been around a lot of people who were sick and I have not caught their colds. My hair seems smoother and less prone to split-ends and my nails feel a lot stronger when I attempted to grow them out (typically they are very thin and prone to split easily).

The only downside to buying the packs over the individual pill bottles and dividing up the daily portions yourself is that with the packs you may have a pill missing out of a pack. Out of the 30 packs, only 3 packs were missing the cranberry supplement. Which by the odds, is pretty good. However, if you are looking at the overall idea of the packs, you did pay for those missing supplements.

Overall, I was impressed with the options and I felt the only real supplement missing from this pack is the Biotin supplement I feel women use a great deal of for strengthening hair, skin and nails. And while this pack is missing those, a bottle of Biotin will run you about $6-$8. That supplement can be easily included with this pack for a full range of needs a majority of women need. I do love the green tea extract and fish oil (both of which have been noted in studies as having properties to aid in the prevention of sunburn). So I really love this supplement pack for the summer. The ease of grabbing your vitamins and go is a bonus and the box can easily be stored in the fridge to maintain freshness (if you feel you will not take them daily, though I suggest taking the 30 packs in sequential order).

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