Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Few Quick Tips for Thirfting

Thrifting can be super easy and fun. It is not very difficult to do and once you start, you may get addicted to it. Personally, I think thrifting is like a treasure hunt to find the best deals for great items. Some people set a budgeted amount they want to/or are willing to spend. Others go in looking for that hidden gem. Regardless of how you want to approach it, you can get the same amount of enjoyment out of thrifting.
I will say not all trips are a success on finding items. Sometimes you will not find anything you love, some times you find items to laugh about or love the nostalgia of but do not want to purchase the item. That is okay, it happens to everyone. Do not get discouraged. Sometimes it is the place you go to has not had any new items of interest and other times it may be that items really aren't YOU. Why buy something you don't love? 
There are a few things i like to keep in mind when i go thrifting and i am gonna share some of my tips with you.
  1. Hunt early in the morning. Regardless if you are hunting at a yard sale or thrift store (like Goodwill), it is important to get there early. It allows you time to shop and snag your treasures before most of the busy crowds get there and it gives you time to snoop around. 
  2. Go Often. This is really no big surprise. Going into a favorite local shop and seeing what is new will allow you time to inspect the new items of interest. If you are shopping a store that has constant turn arounds (like Goodwill, which is continuously adding new supply daily), you will want to shop those store as much as possible.
  3. Buy something you LOVE. I have heard this regarding buying pricey art work..."if you don't love it, don't buy it because you are the one that has to live with it. Same with thrifting. 
  4. When thrifting furniture, look for good bones. Was it made well? Is it going to fall apart when i sit a glass on it? Furniture can be painted and redone...but the bare bones stay (most of us aren't going to break it down and rebuild it)so look for a solid piece that will last.
  5. Wear comfortable clothing. If you are going on the hunt for a dress, shoes, etc, you want to wear something that you can easily get in and out of in the dressing room. I tend to dress simple (jeans, tshirt, jacket, slip-on shoes/flats. It allows me to try on the clothing quickly and without a lot of undressing and redressing time.
  6. Keep a List of items you are on the hunt for! I keep a small notepad in my purse or a mini-list in my wallet of items I want (a particular piece of clothing- good pair of cowboy boots....or something for a collection - i love owls so i look for anything owl related-..maybe a houseware item I need- hello Pyrex!) and when I go in a store, I try to keep an eye out for those items. It is an ever-changing list but i keep it handy incase I know that particular store is good for finding those type of items.
  7. Search the store COMPLETELY! Visit the sections you would not normally visit. Go to the men's section...look over every hanger. Look at every item..move every plate in the stack. Take a risk and buy something out of the ordinary. I have found some of my favorite pieces by not wanting them at first (and DIY'ing them). And, if you still cannot fall in love with it/DIY/redo it, at least it was cheap or can possibly be redonated!
  8. Thrifting can be expensive. Yes it can be cheap too but if you buy expensive items (furniture, jewelry), it can add up. Going in with a set amount you are willing to spend will allow you to not go overboard when you did not plan on it.
  9. Thrifting for clothing can save you a bundle...but it comes with a cost. Some of my best finds have been clothing. And I have saved a ton if money by not going directly to the mall. However some clothing had to be altered, washed and de-stained, etc. Keep in mind some thrifted items DO need a little TLC.
  10. Thrifting is fun. At the end of the day, bringing home items that would normally been out of my price range is thrilling. Going to a new store to check out their goodies has been fun while on vacation or discovering a new town. And, some of the nicest people work in thrift stores. 
So google thrift stores in your area and check them out. You not only may save yourself a ton of money but it is always super awesome to support a local business that caters to the budget-friendly shopper. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!!

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