Monday, September 12, 2016

DIY Project: Fun Earrings

Happy Monday!! I have been searching for quite a bit of time now for some mustard colored earrings for fall. I have been lacking in finding good accessories lately. After much searching, I kinda gave up- realizing that what I was looking for just wasn't where I was searching. I realized that maybe what I needed was to make my own. Something where I could make a cute pair of earrings really my own- not just another neutral pair to fill my jewelry box. 

Going into Target the other day, I came across these cute telephone charms for bracelets- knowing I had found exactly what I had been looking for (and scoring them 50% off- now $2.48/each), I knew I was in luck! I rushed home, excited about making them. Now, I am going to share with you how I did it- since it is super easy and very inexpensive to recreate.

You will need:
  • fish hook earring wire (or any earring base you wish)
  • 2 charms (I choose my two charms from Target)
  • 2 pairs of jewelry pliers (any craft store will have these - i used needle-nose like these)
  • 2 links from a jewelry chain (you can also buy jump rings- that will work too) of the same color as the earring wire you have selected
For these particular charms, I had to remove the claw clasp that was originally attached (it would have connected the charms to the bracelets/necklace). Some charms you will not need to do this step. For these, all I did was take my jewelry pliers and separate the charm from the claw clasp at the gold jump ring (this connects both pieces together).

Next, you will need to take your jump rings (or chain links) you have set aside and open them using your pliers. To do this, simply grab the jump ring with the pliers, and using a second set of pliers, pull one side of the jump ring towards you - not all the way as some can break easily- just large enough for the charm and earring wire. Once open, slide the charm and the earring wire together on the jump ring and securely close the jump ring with the pliers. And there you have it! Easy to make earrings!

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