Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How To Thrift for Furniture

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Furniture may be one of the more expensive items you ever thrift - but it does not have to be. However, depending on the piece, it can last you for years- and may end up being one of your more favorite thrifted items. The most important element of thrifting furniture is variety. Go to different stores, flea markets,estate sales, etc - if you limit yourself to where you go, you may not find that diamond in the rough.

I find that when you are looking at used furniture, keep an open mind. Look at the piece and wonder how you cantransform it. Would it look great with a new coat of paint? Can you add new fabric for a fun, festive look? Keep in mind all pieces of furniture have potential - you just have to imagine what it could be. Mixing and matching old and new pieces can be fun so think of how you can blend the item in with what you already currently own.

Before I purchase any piece of furniture, I always look it over. Does it have good bones? Was it built to lastor will it break down after a few years? Will I still love it in 5, 10 years from now? Does it have handcrafted details? Does it have an iconic feel/look to it (70's, 60's)? Not all these things need to matter when you are considering an item - but these questions may help you decide if you want to invest in a piece that may not last you as long as you want. 

Furniture is an investment, like a long-term relationship. It takes time to find the right piece that fits into your home and lifestyle. If you aren't 100% in love with the item, or find yourself second guessing it, then maybe it is time to pass on that piece so you can find the piece that you fall for from the start. Remember, the fun is in the hunt!

Happy Hunting Thrifters!

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