Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Book Review: I Brake for Yard Sales

I was browsing my local bookstore the other night and stumbled across this little gem. I browsed through it, considering I have been so into antique stores lately for my home that after thumbing through it, I brought it home and immediately started reading it. This book gives great tips from figuring out what your personal style is, incorporating the pieces you find as well as what to look for in furniture for lasting quality and style. This is a really great tool to help a newby like myself get started and how to make something so beautiful last so much longer (with just a little TLC). For $20, it was a bit high but compared to other home improvement/style/interior design books, it is well worth the price! Snag up a copy for yourself if you are interested in finding great pieces to incorporate into your home with just a little face lift.

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