Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Balance 515 & The Sporty Sneaker Trend

I have been looking for a good pair of kick-around shoes for awhile now. My gym shoes have a good amount of miles of them from treadmill use so I did not want a running shoe for just everyday errands. I had fallen for the retro New Balance since owning a pair of 420 runners many years ago. I had two pairs: a full on grey pair and an all-white leather pair, and I wore them out in college. I have not owned a pair of them since. But, New Balance re-sparked my interest when sporty style started coming in full swing. I was stoked to see so many styles of kicks paired with chic tops and jeans, and it made me think of how much I really liked my last pair.

Now in the 10 years since I owned a pair, my foot and needs have most definitely changed. I really wanted a pair with a lot of support but still was easy to grab, put on and run out the door. I started shopping around to see what other types of styles they had since it is super hard to find 420's in store. I still wanted the retro look but I wanted a more supportive shoe and one with colors that would ultimately go with most of my wardrobe.
New Balance 515
Then, as luck would have it, I found THE pair. Enter the New Balance 515. This supportive shoe is almost a twin to my 420's and with some great color options. I opted for the Navy/Silver/White pair since I know that matches more of my closet than neon pink. Not only that, I scored them on sale with an extra 30% off. BONUS folks, I tell you it was like I was meant to buy this pair of shoes. Anyway, they are fantastic. I took them on my trip to Augusta since I knew we would be walking all over and unlike some of our past trips, my feet were not dying after walking 26,000 steps in these bad boys!! Winner Winner!

And if you are looking for some ideas on how to wear these everyday,  there are tons of ways to wear this wardrobe staple!

In cooler days, pair it with leggings, white long-sleeved t shirt, military jacket, scarf, and an over-sized bag! Perfect for a coffee date with your bestie on Saturday morning!
With warmer weather, pair skinnies, a loose tee and over-sized scarf with a clutch for a perfect outfit for running errands.
I really like the cigarette jeans, oxford top and bold color sweater for winter with a messenger bag. This is easy for work to evening transition or for busy fashionista moms on the go.
For a more tailored look, try a men's styled jacket, blouse and skinnies with a small clutch for an effortless look in NYC!
And, for my fashionistas who want to wear a dress all year, this trend works for you as well! Paired with a chambray blouse, handbag and skirt or maxi dress, you can still wear your favorite pair of kicks with your favorite skirt.

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