Sunday, December 20, 2015

Whole30 Grocery Shopping

If you are planning on starting Whole30, there is a good amount of prep work to do prior to starting that is not only suggested but it has known to help those in the program to have a higher success rate. When I started Whole30, I quickly had to re-learn to cook with new ingredients. It is a process but it does get super easy as the days go. My suggestion is to start with easy recipes and work up to more difficult ones. Once you find a few you really love, enjoy those at least once a week, to keep you looking forward to enjoying the meal. I found a lot of great recipes all over the Whole30 recipe list but I also enjoyed what other had done I found on their Whole30Recipe instagram account (i followed them through my journey) so I suggest starting there as well.
Your first grocery shopping trip will be to grab a lot of essentials for your new cooking routine as well as some basic staples. You can adjust the vegetable and proteins as you wish. However, it is essential to meal plan to some degree on this program to ensure you get only what you need, as some vegetables tend to spoil quicker than others. You will need to take time to grocery shop on your first trip, especially since it is essential to read the ingredient list to ensure all products are Whole30 approved. This is just my start list, however, you may want to adjust this for your family or personal preferences. While you may prefer your local grocer, I have found a good amount of products at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods that are not found in regular stores. Keep in mind, you may have to travel to a few different places until you get some of these items. You can also opt for going online to order ahead of time as well. Granted, this is not a complete list, and it will be adjusted to your needs, it is a great start for your first week or so of Whole30. Good Luck!!
Cooking Essentials:
Coconut Oil
Avocado Oil (I also used the spray version a lot as well- great for high heat cooking)
Coconut Milk
Coconut Cream
Coconut Aminos (found at Whole Foods)
Spices (this will vary as to what you choose to cook- make sure you watch your blends!!)
Dijon Mustard
Yellow Mustard
Red Wine Vinegar
Clarified Butter (you can make your own with this butter- instructions are online)

Steaks (also various versions for different meals - like skewers, etc.)- grass fed only
Ground Beef  (Bison, Venison, etc works well here too)- grass fed only
Chicken Sausage
Sliced Turkey Breast
Shrimp (wild caught only)
Fish (go for wild caught only)
Duck Breast (great alternative to chicken- a bit on the pricey side) - grass fed only
Bacon - this brand is Whole30 approved (found at Whole Foods - or order online)

Vegetables: (any and all but corn and legumes - exception certain pea-family items)
Purple Potatoes
Rainbow Chard
Green Beans
Sweet Potatoes
Onion (purple, yellow and white)
Peppers (red, green, yellow) - multiple meals for this
Romaine Lettuce - great for tacos/sandwich alternative
Lettuce Blends (great for salads, etc)

Fruit: (any will do- less sugar preferred)
Dried Fruit (without added sugar is also Whole30 Approved)

Misc Items:
Mixed Nuts (no peanuts)
LaraBars (great for on-the-go, after hiking or post-gym workouts)
Sparking Water (I like La Croix)
Almond Butter
Canned tomatoes (diced, pizza sauce, pureed, and roasted - all options will be useful)
Green Chile Sauce (great for most things- you can use it as dip if you make your own chips)
Matcha Green Tea (so many health benefits, i loved this one)

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