Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Whole30 Day 20-21 & The Weekend Wrap-up!

Hello Weekend! With such a busy week, it will be nice to have at least work on the shelf for the moment to enjoy the holidays. This weekend is looking to be the right time to start the holiday festivities. And, with that, the winding down of my Whole30. WIth 10 days remaining, it will be even more of a challenge in keeping with the program. *If you would like to read Why I started, go here. For Day 1, go here. For Days 2-4, go here. For Days 5-7, go here. For Days 8-10, go here. Days 11-12, go here. For Days 13-14, go here. For Days 15-17, go here! For Days 18-19, go here.
Day 20 As I have construction on my home early this morning, there is no chance of sleeping in this Saturday. Not a big deal as the weather outside is proving to be a true anomaly for December here. With our temps in the 70's, it means a great opportunity to get outside. So, this morning I sat on the porch and enjoyed a cup of black coffee with my book. It is an easy morning and with the runners passing on their morning jogs, it looks to be a good start to the day.

Meal 58- Breakfast. Since it was close to brunch time, I wanted something filling. I had a lot to do before the holiday party that night and I wanted to make sure I could get a lot done. I cooked one egg, sweet potato hash and grilled a mini 4 oz steak. It was filling and got me all the way thru lunch and most of my errands this day. Thankfully. I had a cup of black coffee, but only drank half the glass.
Meal 59. Lunch. I was running around like a mad woman to get everything done. I only had a banana and larabar but it was enough to get me through until dinner. No picture since i was in the car driving and eating - i would prefer to not take a photo while driving.

Meal 60. Dinner. Since we were at the party, and I could not eat the dip I brought, my girlfriend (who was in charge of desserts) was kind enough to make me baked apples with raisins and pecans. They were delightful. And, she was kind enough to make clarified butter earlier that day for me. I have the best of friends for sure!! I ended up coming home later this evening and having a cup of pom seeds. It was filling but I needed something more than just apples for dinner. I brought two La Croix cans with me and that was perfect, since everyone else was partaking on spirits, cookies, fudge and all the dips and chips they could fit on their plates.
It was a real struggle to be at my friends house -who i know can cook well- and not be able to enjoy a fresh cookie or homemade dish. The smells were amazing and while this party was by far the most difficult to handle so far, I made it without even a nibble. GO ME!

Day 21 Sunday Funday! This ended up being the busiest day of all. We decided to sleep in some- cannot really sleep in too much with people working on your basement, so 9am it was time to make breakfast.

Meal 61- Breakfast. Since there was some chicken sausage left, i sliced that up, cooked one egg and sweet potato hash. It was super filling and with a La Croix to drink, i was beyond full for the day.
Meal 62- Lunch. Since we were headed out of town for the day, I grabbed a banana and LaraBar and that proved to be more than filling. I had another La Croix on the car ride and I was more than content for the day.

Meal 63- Dinner. Since we had gone to Busch Gardens for Christmastown, I was quite limited to what I could eat there. Of all the places to go during Whole30, this was most difficult to find something I could eat. We ended up at the BBQ Smokehouse. Luckily, they do not slather the meat with the BBQ sauce, so I was in luck. I had the chicken and a few slices of brisket and a cup of fruit. I had my man enjoy the ribs, roll and fries. I had a bottle of water to drink. It was real slim pickings - especially since the salads are pre-mixed with corn or other sugary toppings, so I had to skip that option. I was really limited so I am not sure if their meat has nitrates, but it was either that or nothing so I had to eat. I am really disappointed in theme parks not catering to those with allergies or other ailments. I wonder if this will be something that will change in the future. Let's hope so!
Between the lack of real food and the smell of hot chocolate every where I went, I was really focused on the smells of foods I could not have. It can be difficult to sit around everyone enjoying a large slice of cake and hot chocolate when you cannot have any. I think the most difficult part of adhering to any program, especially one like this one, is when you are told to not eat something, and you see others partaking, it makes it even more difficult to want to follow. There were moments where I wanted "just a nibble" but I am so close to finishing the program that I simply could not get myself to even take a small bite. Being at home makes the program easiest, but when you go out to places where your options are very limited, it makes the option of cheating that much sweeter. I have done so good and I feel so much better that is really my motivation right now to not eat anything. I truly feel a lot better. Time to keep my focus. 2/3rds of the way though and i can see the finish line ahead of me!!

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