Thursday, December 17, 2015

Whole 30 Day 22-24 & The Struggle to Complete It All

Ugh! I am in the final stretches...and the count down to completion is upon me. Less than 10 days to go until my Whole30 journey is to be wrapped up. I am excited but I still feel the struggle to complete the last 8 days are a big challenge. I could stop - why not? But, I am so close I could not dare think of coming this far and just quitting early. Not me!
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Day 22 I think the easiest part of Whole30 has been during the work week. I find it best for controlling my meals and I can meal plan pretty well. I did not meal plan last week, so my goal for this week was to meal plan. I think I did pretty well. We shall see how I hold up with my ideas for the week.

Meal 64- Breakfast. Very low maintenance type of day. With the weather getting dreary after the beautiful weather this past weekend, I knew I was going to be tired and not really in the groove to work - and I was right. I picked my favorite items to ensure I would be eating. I had pom seeds, a green apple and a LaraBar, which kept me plenty full until lunch.
Meal 65- Lunch. I love almond butter. I had almond butter on sliced green apples and a LaraBar. I am dog sitting this week, so lunch was on the go. It was a great quick meal and allowed me a ton of energy for lunch and our trip out for a walk.
Meal 66- Dinner. I had been really excited about finding this recipe and I wanted to re-create it myself for dinner. So, during my last grocery trip, I decided it was a good time to make this delicious meal. I made it pretty much exactly how it was on the recipe. Since I do not like olives, those were omitted. And, instead of jalapenos, i opted for this great green chile sauce (just about 1 tablespoon full and it was prefect for additional flavor. I made 4 stuffed peppers (one red, one green - cut in half) and have enough leftover for another pepper. I think that will go great on top of eggs. I really liked this recipe a lot - it makes for a great bean-less chili. Overall, a great recipe and I think this is one of those great staples to keep on hand for leftovers.
Day 23 Tuesday! With 7 days left on the Whole30, I am excited to see my post-Whole30 results. I am not sure whether I have lost weight or not but I feel really good - and that to me is more important than weight loss at this point. I know the gym can help with weight loss, so my focus right now is making sure I feel healthy and balanced. And, I feel Whole30 has really helped in that aspect.

Meal 67- Breakfast. Work gets super busy this time of year so I have made my breakfast super easy i can eat on the go or easily at my desk. During the work week, and especially around the holidays, I do not always get a few minutes to sit down and separate myself from my work to eat. However, I have made the best of it all by trying to get healthy breakfast items in. Of course a breakfast staple for me has been almond butter. This morning i paired it with my green apple and LaraBar. With the amount of protein in almond butter and fiber from the apple and bar, I have been super full until lunch. Thankfully so, since I have been too busy to even think about snacking.
Meal 68- Lunch. Since I had so much leftover from the stuffed peppers, I decided that would make the ideal lunch. With the perfect amount that would have filled another two peppers, I made a bowl full for lunch. It tastes even better than it did last night. I thank the tomatoes for that!
Meal 69- Dinner. Since I have so many great grass-fed steaks left, I figured it would be the perfect night for steak. I used the last little bit of sweet potato hash I had remaining and paired it with green beans. Overall, a great and filling meal. I can get used to having just 4 oz. of steak. It is the right amount and size portion-wise.

Day 24  It has been a busy day for sure. With just a little less than 6 days left to go, the countdown to finishing Whole30 is right around the bend. I have had a lot of people tell me they are impressed and surprised I have come so far in the program. While the first week was a somewhat breeze for me, the latter weeks turned to be more troublesome. I have become frustrated with not having certain foods but I have focused on keeping my eye on the prize and i have had to remind myself feeling better is way more important that trying to eat those foods. Feeling better is way more rewarding in the end.

Meal 70 - Breakfast. Since I had some oranges leftover and I didn't really want to eat them, I did squeeze them on my juicer and made a fresh cup of OJ. I am not a fan of the pulp in most citrus fruit, so I strained my juice. 100% juice is the way to go. Since I did not have any more sweet potatoes, I opted for purple potato hash instead and paired it with an egg (and inside a slice of turkey breast). Really great meal.
Meal 71 - Lunch. Since I have stuffed peppers leftover from Monday night's dinner, i figured I would make the rest of them for lunch. While I didnt like reheating the peppers I really did love the filling so I filled my plate. It was just as good as yesterday's lunch and Monday night's dinner. This is going to be a staple, even if I don't continue Whole30.
Meal 72 - Dinner. I was glad I pulled out some chicken breast strips that morning since I was craving chicken for dinner. It has been a few meals since I have had chicken. I sauteed some green beans and broccoli together in a separate pan while i seasoned the chicken with a mural season blend. Once my pan was hot enough (with a bit of avocado oil) i cooked the chicken - similarly to a grill method. Dinner was ready to go. Thankfully so, since I had the last few errands to run to wrap up all my Christmas shopping.
This week just has seemed to fly and I am now to my last few days of Whole 30. I am really excited to be wrapping up and I am not really looking forward to the post-Whole30. Incorporating foods back in to my diet now seems odd - even after just 30 days. I am leery about how they will make me feel once again and if I really do have control over those things that once had control over me. Only time will tell on that.

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