Sunday, December 27, 2015

Whole 30 Day 29-30 & The Finale!!

Holy Cow!! My last two days remain! I am thankful I took my last two days of Whole30 off. Not only did I need some time to de-stress from work, but it allows me to rethink back to why I began Whole30 in the first place. I am really excited to share my last two days on Whole30. It has been an incredible journey and I have learned so very much. . *If you would like to read Why I started, go here. For Day 1, go here. For Days 2-4, go here. For Days 5-7, go here. For Days 8-10, go here. Days 11-12, go here. For Days 13-14, go here. For Days 15-17, go here! For Days 18-19, go here. For Days 20-21, go here. For Days 22-24, go here. For Days 25-28, go here!
Day 29 Monday! Ah, the ability to sleep in on a normal work day has really been kind of special. While I know not everyone is blessed with having time off around the holidays, I chose to take time simply because I needed it. It has been a very stressful time of year in my job and I really wanted to keep to my Whole30. During these last few days, I have allowed myself to be engulfed in books I have been dying to read and I have kept my focus on the whole reason I started Whole30.

Meal 85- Breakfast. I made some Date Balls (recipe here) and had those for breakfast with a new organic banana! I have not had bananas in a few days so I was really craving a banana. I prefer mine a tad startchy, just as they begin to turn from green to yellow. I find them most irresistible during that phase of their transition and they are by far my favorite time to eat a banana. I skipped my favorite almond butter and opted just for a plain banana.
Meal 86- Lunch.  I loved these date balls so much, I wanted them again. Truth be told, I was so busy reading that I didn't want to make anything. So, I opted for my Kombucha, date balls and some nut mix. I was eating when I forgot I needed to photograph it, so I went back to do so. Oops!
Meal 87 - Dinner. Since I had finished my book well before dinner, I decided to go out and grab another in hopes my next one would be at the library. As luck would have it, it was. I opted to go celebrate my Monday with mussels at a nearby bar. No worries, I did not eat the fries or the bread - I did give that to my boyfriend to enjoy with his meal. However, I did gulp down three large glasses of club soda with orange- so I am sure that is why I was so full!

Day 30 Tuesday!! LAST DAY! I have made it! I am so excited to be rounding down my Whole30 journey. I feel it has been much longer than 30 days and I cannot believe how great I feel. I woke up after only having minimal sleep (my new book kept me up until 4am - absolutely one of the best books I have ever read), so even with just a few hours of robbed sleep, I am wide awake and energized as ever. I feel great!! I have missed some of my morning smoothies, but I tell you there is nothing like waking up in the morning and feeling so good after making your own amazing breakfast. It really is rewarding.

Meal 88- Breakfast. I think I have made the best mini frittata ever! It is by far not only one of the easiest things to make, it was the quickest. I sprayed a mini ramekin with avocado oil and spiraled 1/2 a zucchini into the bowl. I added two beaten eggs, one slice of turkey breast, chipotle seasoning, shallots, garlic powder and salt and pepper. After mixing thoroughly to ensure all the egg covered all aspects of the turkey and zucchini, I placed it into a 450 degree toaster over for about 7 minutes. And viola!! Breakfast was served!
Meal 89- Lunch. I was hungry so I opted for some shrimp. It was perfect.  I used clarified butter, old bay, fine herbs and garlic. It was perfection.
Meal 90- Dinner! My last Whole30 meal. I noticed most of my meals on Whole30 consisted of red meats. So, since I found such a great deal for copper mill salmon again, it was the perfect time to grab some for dinner. Just a few seaonings of northwoods seasoning, organic capers and garlic powder and my meal was set. i had a scallop and some mini red/purple/white potatoes with rosemary and clarified butter. I ate a delicious banana and a La Croix. It was a great way to end my Whole30 30th day and I could not be happier with my meal choice.
I tell you it is no easy feat to complete all 30 days. It is a true struggle but I am thankful to finally be done and right before christmas. I did not really consider the holidays when i chose to go on Whole30 but I can say with confidence that the holidays have been a great test on my willpower and i succeeded!! I cannot wait until tomorrow to see my results and begin the next segment of Whole30: the incorporation of foods back into my diet. I MADE IT!!!

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